Gilboa Engineers is the oldest, largest and leading engineering company in Israel. The Company was founded in 1969 by Engineer Shlomo Gilboa and since then the company has been involved in designing and providing solutions in the fields of infrastructure, water, sewage, drainage, plumbing, fire extinguishing, hydrology, urban building planning, engineering coordination, air conditioning and ventilation, systems coordination (superposition), modeling and management of the BIM model using advanced 3D software such as REVIT… and all under one roof. The Company is currently managed by the next generation, Engineer Erez Gilboa, a Technion-graduate Mechanical Engineer, a Res. Battalion Commander, holding two additional degrees from the Technion, and with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Gilboa Engineers is active in Israel and around the world, holds the ISO 9001 standard and employs over 80 engineers, consultants and designers. The Company provides engineering, consulting, support, characterization and planning services from urban and statutory planning and up to detailed design and delivery of the facility, including application for the obtainment of building permits and general/close construction supervision. The Company’s experience includes thousands of projects in a wide range of areas, such as security projects, wet infrastructure, high-rise towers, business buildings, offices, industrial, commercial and residential buildings, neighborhoods, complex engineering facilities, logistics warehouses, public buildings and government offices, embassies, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, high-tech and R&D complexes, and more.

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